Vemkar Live Sessions

Each module will come complete with a learning season, where the entire Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Church of America will learn and grow together in Christ. In addition to the resources themselves, a major component of these learning seasons is the live discussion series. The Vemkar Live Sessions offer our faithful the opportunity to come together in conversation to learn from members of our Diocese about the module topic. These will include liturgical services, prayers, lectures, discussions, and retreats. Many of the Live Sessions will focus on the resources developed for the Module and how best to use them.

In the near future, Live Sessions will also include Modern Armenian (Eastern and Western) and Classical Armenian Courses.

We hope to see you at our future live sessions!

On this page, you can find the schedules for all the different Live Sessions, details about the next event, and the recordings of the Module Discussion Series.

Recordings of the Module Discussion Series

Christ as Healer

Click here to see the recordings of the Live Session Discussion Series for this Module!

Future Module

Future Module

Future Module