Using the Modules

A module is a group of resources and activities focusing on a single topic. The modules utilize text, audio, video, and interactive media to instruct users in the teachings of the Armenian Church. The Learning Season is the period of time when a module is “live,” which includes multimedia resources, for various age-groups, demographics, and parish ministries that can be used in classrooms, homes, on the road, parishes, group gatherings, and liturgical services. A given module includes…

40 Days of Lent

Resources for the Great Fast

Christ as Hope

Now available

Christ as Healer

Explore the resources on the topic of healing!

Future Module

Share your Faith

The Vemkar site is made up of existing Diocesan resources, new material produced by the Eastern Diocese’s Ministry Team, and crowdsourced sermons, poems, and more from both clergy and laity. We welcome contributions for the general resource library and past modules. For future modules, subscribe to the Vemkar weekly email and you will hear about our upcoming modules. Detailed submission guidelines are available and should be consulted before sending in any material for consideration. Submissions can be directed to us by clicking the button below.