General Live Sessions

Want to grasp an overall understanding of Hope in the Armenian Church, aka our lifestyle? These are the 4 core live-sessions you need to register for! These zoom sessions incorporate various aspects of the Armenian Church and our Christian life, including the Scripture, liturgy, sacred tradition, and personal testimonies. On June 6 before his message, Bishop Daniel will recite the "Hope Prayer-Rule." Recommended for Youth & Adults
DateTime (EDT)TitleSpeakerZoom Link
Tuesday, July 67:00 PM Christ as HopeBishop Daniel FindikyanWATCH RECORDING
Tuesday, July 137:00 PM My Heart and my Hope in the Palm of a Savior ChildFr. Shnork SouinWATCH RECORDING
Tuesday, August 177:00 PM Between Faith & LoveDr. Roberta ErvineWATCH RECORDING
Tuesday, September 147:00 PM Discussion Panel on HopeThe Reverend Fr. Tadeos Barseghyan, Yn. Lucine Sabounjian, Dn. Yervant Kutchukian

Modern Armenian

Bring the whole family and let's learn Eastern and Western Armenian together through the topic of Hope! As we touch upon the basics of our language, expect to learn about our faith, culture, traditions, history, through various language learning activities & games! Recommended for all (if you are fluent in Armenian or don't know Armenian... join us!).

DateTime (EDT)TitleSpeakerZoom Link
Tuesday, July 277:00 PM Armenia & Hope (Eastern)Naira BalagyozianCOMPLETED
Thursday, July 297:00 PM Armenia & Hope (Western)Tamar BederianCOMPLETED
Tuesday, August 37:00 PM Light & Hope (Eastern)Anna GhasabyanCOMPLETED
Thursday, August 57:00 PM Light & Hope (Western)Dn. Yervant kutchukianCOMPLETED
Tuesday, August 107:00 PM Prayer & Hope (Eastern)Yn. Naira AzatyanCOMPLETED
Thursday, August 127:00 PM Prayer & Hope (Western)Maral AznavourCOMPLETED

Classical Armenian

Come and read texts in Classical Armenian (Գրաբար), the liturgical language of the Armenian Church, guided by clergy, scholars, and advanced students of the language! Through the guidance of a teacher, attendees will be introduced to a diversity of texts related to the theme of "Christ as Hope" from the Armenian Christian tradition, meditating on this theme while gaining exposure to Classical Armenian and the vast library of literary treasures written in this form of the language from the fifth to nineteenth centuries. In collaboration with Zohrab Information Center.

DateTime (EDT)TitleSpeakerZoom Link
Wednesday, July 147:00 PM Session 1Jesse ArlenWATCH RECORDING
Wednesday, July 217:00 PM Session 2Fr. Ghevond AjamianWATCH RECORDING
Wednesday, July 287:00 PM Session 3Fr. Ghevond AjamianWATCH RECORDING
Wednesday, August 47:00 PM Session 4Fr. Nigoghos AznavourianWATCH RECORDING
Wednesday, August 117:00 PM Session 5Julia HintlianWATCH RECORDING
Wednesday, August 187:00 PM Session 6Fr. Hovsep KarapetyanWATCH RECORDING
Wednesday, August 257:00 PM Session 7Ani ShahinianWATCH RECORDING
Wednesday, September 17:00 PM Session 8Dn. Ezras TellalianWATCH RECORDING

Sacred Music

Discover a deeper meaning of some of the Armenian Church's hymns, which hope srpings from! These sessions will also provide the opportunity to learn these hymns. Whether you're a seasoned musician or new to the Armenian Church's hymns... join us! In collaboration with Sacred Music Council. Recommended for all.

DateTime (EDT)TitleSpeakerSheet MusicTranslationZoom Link
Monday, July 267:00 PM Singing HopeRev. Fr. Abraham Malkhasyan, Rev. Fr. Avedis Kalayjian, Very Rev. Fr. Mamigon KiledjianDownload PDFWATCH RECORDING
Monday, August 237:00 PM Singing HopeRev. Fr. Voskan Hovhannisyan, Rev. Fr. Ghevond Ajamian, Very Rev. Fr. Mamigon KiledjianDownload PDFDownload PDFWATCH RECORDING