The following prayers focus on the Cross and crucifixion of Jesus Christ as the constant witness of sacrificial love, the core of Christian life. Jesus transformed the Cross, at one time a symbol of torture and execution, into a symbol of faith, salvation, and victory over death. And so we look to the Cross with hope, because through his death Jesus redeems and heals our suffering with his life-giving presence.

What you will find below is a communal opportunity for the faithful of the Eastern Diocese to pray together, to unite our concerns as one, to build up the Body of Christ. All of these prayers are taken from the sacred tradition of the Armenian Church, most of them from the treasury of blessing we call the Zhamakeerk.

We urge all faithful to find ten minutes each day, preferably at a designated time and location, and read this prayer rule aloud from beginning to end. You can do this alone, with your family, or with a friend. It is also suggested to create a prayerful environment by setting up a Cross, khachkar, icon, candle, and incense.

Keep in mind, this prayer rule is a starting point, a daily prayer rule that should ideally create a habit of prayer, where praise, repentance, and reorienting ourselves toward God becomes a natural and regular part of our lives.

May the Lord hear our prayers and have mercy on us.