“Back to the Source(s)” is the Zohrab Information Center’s weekly contribution to VEMKAR. Its goal is to point interested readers to sources such as books, articles, art pieces, or collections that will allow them to go deeper into the Armenian spiritual and intellectual tradition. Every week, “Back to the Source(s)” will provide details about how and where to find those sources—especially those available at the Zohrab Information Center and that can be found on its online catalogue.

Each of the sources listed in the articles are active hyperlinks to somewhere you can find that source—usually the Zohrab Information Center’s Catalogue. You can find the catalogue and read about all our other programs at our website: zohrabcenter.org

The Zohrab Information Center is an Armenian Studies Center and Library in the heart of the Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Church of America. It is open during business hours Monday-Friday.

ZIC Director, Christopher Sheklian, PhD

The Holy Desert Fathers and Monasticism

Saint Clement and Armenian Connections to Rome

Apocrypha and Tradition

Our Sister Churches as Source and Strength

Angels and the Word of God

St. John Chrysostom

Christian Antioch and Edessa and the Sources of Armenian Christianity

Dionysius the Areopagite and Armenian Mystagogy 

Who is David the Invincible Philosopher?

Early Armenian Encounters with Islam

Varak and Vaspurakan

Khachkars, Coins, and Unusual Sources

Armenian Jerusalem

Khatchveratz and the Armenian Connection to Jerusalem