In this section, the Department of Christian Education offers activities and exercises for personal spiritual growth as well as for the Sunday school and parish.

Elise Antreassian, Director of the Department of Christian Education


An Exercise in Prayer for Upper Graders (and Adults)

Rejuvenating Your Sunday School (or parish or guild or…!) – Schedule a “Planathon”

Ascension Day Vijag

Ascension Day Vijag

Armenian Martyrs of Genocide

From Martyr to Saint: High School Curriculum

Armenian Genocide Martyrs

From Martyr to Saint: Middle School Curriculum


What is the Church? – Small Group Bible Study 

Washing of the Feet

Washing of the Feet: A Guide for Families


Exploring the Book of Jonah

Making Time for God

New Year’s Resolution #1: Making Time for God


A Psalm Activity: Remembering the Prophet-King David