The goal of the Curriculum series is “to bring the learner into a living relationship with Jesus Christ, within the Church – the Body of Christ – through the Holy Tradition of the Armenian Church.” Overall, the curriculum will help students explore four fundamental questions:

  1. Who is God (Father, Son, Holy Spirit)?
  2. How do we come to know him through the familiar and life-giving Tradition of the Armenian Church and through her story?
  3. How are our lives transformed by that knowledge?
  4. How do we live in Christian community with that knowledge?

The Armenian Church is fortunate in that its faithful are active communicants in the life of the Church from the moment they are baptized as infants. They are able to participate fully in experiential, formative faith. Not only the curriculum and the Sunday School teacher, but also parents, pastors, and the entire community support the process of the learner’s transformation from “knowing about” Christ to true discipleship.

Teacher Manuals


We Believe | Havadamk | Հաւատամք – Rose Aznavorian


Circles of Faith – Yn. Talin Petoyan

Grade 3

Walking With God – Garine Isassi

Being a Disciple It’s Not Just a FaN Club! – Barbara Hovsepian

Surprised By Joy | Discovering God – Debbie J. Derderian

Breathed by God | The Bible and You | A high school course on the Bible – Valerie Goekjian Zahirsky

New Faith to New World: Stories from the History of the Armenian Church – Elise Antreassian & Diane Bairamian

Student Texts