The following prayer from St. Gayane is taken from the History of the Armenians by Agathangelos. The prayer is an example of utter loyalty, conviction, and love for Jesus Christ, and the faith expressed therein is not just for a select few. We are all called to the faith of the martyrs on a daily basis. While Gayane and her companions were being led to their execution, Agathangelos writes, “St. Gayane with her companions began to speak as follows:”

We thank you, Lord, for making us worthy to die on behalf of your great name, and for honoring our earthly nature so that we might become worthy of your divinity, and for making me share in the death of your holy martyrs, Hripsime and her companions. Now I am anxious and impatient to join those who have loved you; and I am happy to follow my daughter and my child Hripsime and my sisters and companions. Now remember us, Lord, “For your sake we die daily; we have been counted as sheep for slaughter. Arise and do not abandon us for your name’s sake.” Give us your victory, and the evil one and his co-workers will be humiliated from the fear of your glory. (trans. Fr. Daniel Findikyan)

1. Is it possible to thank God for humiliation and abuse? Is it realistic? Beneficial? Normal?

2. Why does Gayane quote the Psalm (44:23-23) about dying daily? In what ways are you a daily martyr? See I Corinthians 15:31.

3. Why is it significant that the Armenian Church chose to chant the same Psalm (44) every morning during the Night Hour (Գիշերային Ժամ)?