Vemkar’s Adult Christian Education is an online live session program that shepherds the faithful of the Armenian Church into mature disciples of Christ. Every Tuesday from September 21 to December 14, a session will be held by an expert member of our Diocesan body concerning all aspects of adult Christian life. Bring your Bible, a prayerful attitude, and let us all build in our knowledge of Christ!

Theophany Season Prayer Rule

Prayers focused on the birth and baptism of Jesus Christ. The Feast of Theophany, an eight-day festivity, is a celebration of Jesus being revealed to us as God-in-the-flesh, the Savior of the world.
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Vemkar Modules

Yearly topical modules, complete with a learning season of live sessions and multimedia resources for all groups.

Virtual Pilgrimage

Some walked, others took carriages and even ships…then we started taking planes to go on pilgrimages. Now, VEMKAR brings our Holy Sites to you!

Adult Christian Education

Shepherding the faithful of the Armenian Church into mature disciples of Christ.

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Get to Know Vemkar

Vemkar (Վէմքար) is the Digital Ministry of the Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Church of America, it is the online interface of the Diocese’s vision Building up the Body of Christ.

Vemkar refers to a flat stone that is consecrated by the bishop embedded within the center of the altar, upon which the chalice or Gospel book rests during Badarak.

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