Eric Deacon

Dn. Eric Vozzy


Deacon Eric was baptized at St. Peter Armenian Church in Watervliet, NY. He was raised in various Protestant Churches, but returned to the Armenian Church in 2010 while living in Charlotte, NC where he earned a Master’s Degree in philosophy from Southern Evangelical Seminary. Eric served at St. Sarkis Armenian Church in Charlotte for one year, working with the youth and serving on Parish Council, until he relocated to St. Nersess Seminary in 2011, where he graduated in 2017.

Dn. Eric works for the Eastern Diocese specializing in research, writing, ecumenism, and the Vemkar initiative, through which he recently launched a new podcast series titled, Taste and See: The Mystery of Holy Badarak.

He is a member of the Standing Conference of Oriental Orthodox Churches and the Oriental Orthodox–Roman Catholic Consultation in the United States. He is a co-founder of The Fellowship of St. Voski, where he serves as an editorial board member and contributor for its publication, The Treasury.

He faithfully serves at St. Gregory the Enlightener Armenian Church in White Plains, NY.

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